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IBM Company offers a comprehensive briefcase of solutions and technologies for controling of business processes with help of which firm can unite existing and create new business processes, saving current and last investments in IT.

Lotus software
The Lotus Domino/Notes system contains everything that is required for cooperation and staff interaction. It helps to reduce a total cost of possession and to receive programs with possibilities of protection, scalability, controllability, productivity and flexibility of the highest level.
IBM Lotus Domino
Lotus Domino is a multifunctional server which can be used as a server of applications, a mail server and a Web-server.
Lotus Domino is used as the software, capable to integrate the information and the data practically from any source of the information – relational DBMS, control systems of resources of firms (ERP), such as SAP R/3, the Internet environments etc.
IBM Lotus Notes - the client for a server of IBM Lotus Domino which includes functions of planning, operations with e-mail and calendar, it is a powerful platform for usage the applications for teamwork. The system contains a set of program connectors for connection in a divided working environment of popular client Lotus Notes/Domino applications and Microsoft Office, and also operating systems of the set of Windows and various informational repository, including Lotus Domino, IBM WebSphere Portal, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server and in the long term the control system of the corporate content FileNet P8 which has recently entered into a program briefcase of IBM.

Rational software
Toolkit for architectural designing and modelling, development with use of models, creations of components, testings of components, supports of problems on the analysis in the course of work.

Tivoli software
The line of software products Tivoli serves for maximum efficient control of system both peripheral hardware and program resources of the enterprise, including diagnostics of errors, planning, the control and management of changes, revealing of weak places in system of protection and infringements of safety rules.

WebSphere softwware
WebSphere are servers of applications on which the systems of electronic business carrying out great volumes of transactions and supporting all modern open standards and such program technologies for the enterprises, as J2EE (Java 2 Enterprise Edition).
WebSphere can be used as a platform for web services and it is closely integrated with other series of software products of IBM DB2, Tivoli and Lotus.

IBM corporation has high reputation. In bank sphere – 95 % from 500 of largest banks of the world are included into number of clients of IBM.

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