CRM for the lawyer company, solution for the lawyer company

CRM for the lawyer company

CRM:The Lawyer

workflow, automation of business of processes, implantation of electronic workflow

The program "CRM:The Lawyer" is intended for automation of internal business document circulation of the legal company. The program allows to reduce the amount of paper documents circulating inside the company, replacing them with electronic documents. As a platform for program creation is the IBM product Lotus/Notes Domino.

The program "CRM:The Lawyer" includes following units:
  • accounting of clients;
  • accounting of orders for execution of operations;
  • personnel accounting of firm;
  • financial accounting of firm.

In the program "the Diary of fulfilment of the order", which represents the list of events of the order with necessary remarks, is carried on.
"CRM:The Lawyer" provides to the management a complete control of transactions, which are carried on by employees on structure of documents, sequence and timeliness of procedures.
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