Port automation, warehouse Visualization

Vira - Information system for the stevedore company

Vira - Information system for the stevedore company

warehouse automation, overload automation, transfer automation, seaport

The program "Vira" covers a complete cycle of transfer of cargoes of the seaport. The primary goals – the primary activity accounting in contexts of cargoes, a truck transport (ships and wagons), cargo handling mechanisms and an operational management of the Port.

Within the limits of the program following types of information are handled:
  • Preliminary information from clients of Port and Railway;
  • Information for the shift job to Port managers;
  • Information on cargoes;
  • Information on cars and wagons;
  • Information on hoisting-and-transport mechanisms;
  • Information on shifts and brigades;

"Vira" provides obtaining of more than 50 sorts of reports on Port activity.
There is a feature of graphics mapping of an actual state of Port with possibility of obtaining the helpful information of displayed objects. Visualization which is reached by map mapping, or scheme of the Port with motionless and mobile objects, allows minimizing time for an operational administration of the Port.

Technologically "Vira" is fulfilled with usage of 3 chain architecture 1C:Enterprise 8.0. For graphics mapping of the Port state the client-server application developed in Java – technologies, which connects 1C:Enterprise server by OLE interface.

Additional information can be received on demand:
Ph.: +7(812)384-4810.
www.cnst.ru, the project head: Ermolenko T. L.