Leasing automation

«Alease» - Automation of leasing activity

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Automated Leasing System «Alease»Automated Leasing System «Alease» is made for the large companies having high level of management maturity and branched out filial structure. «Alease» consists of three integrated components: the Accounting Information System (AIS), the Automated System of Document circulation (ASD), the Information System of the Administrative Account and Financial Planning (ISAA&FP).
Thus, «Alease» covers all aspects of activity of the company and extending the functionality to branches, ensures functioning of all company in uniform technology.
«Alease» provides to the company management obtaining timely and trustworthy information about current state of each transaction, leasing briefcase of each branch and the company as a whole.

With the help of «Alease» the company has an opportunity to compare metrics of operation of divisions, to remove bottlenecks in operation of ineffective branches and to duplicate experience of the best. «Alease» represents the unique heterogeneous information system providing information processing in 3 software environments: Lotus Domino/Notes, Microsoft Office, 1C:Enterprise.

At choice of platforms for implementation of «Alease» we were guided by a principle of adequacy of the tool to the decided task that has allowed unprecedented to lower the cost of development and cost of possession of system.

Choosen technologies for the creation of «Alease» will allow further without efforts to duplicate platforms of solution on branches and affiliated companies, to develop your infrastructure, using full potential of modern information and communication technologies. Because of these qualities you can consider deposits in «Alease» not as expenses, but as effective investments into own business.
The short description of «Alease»

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