Short description of the ISAA&FP

Alease - ISAA&FPTarget audience of the ISAA&FP - top-managers of the company and financial analysts. The ISAA&FP is developed, as an original configuration on the 1C:Enterprise 8.0 platform.
The structure of the first stage of the ISAA&FP includes tasks of management of credit and leasing briefcases. Basic purpose of tasks of the first stage of the subsystem: to fulfill a number of calculations over the data of briefcases, to form the analytical reporting on each company of group and the summary analytical reporting on group of the companies.

The analysis of the data of leasing briefcase is possible in following contexts: a branch accessory of lessee, lesser, contracts, divisions, branches and the companies, entering enterprise, types of leased property, sources of financing, a degree of financing of the contract, types of the registration of property, etc. The analysis of the data of a credit briefcase is possible in contexts: banks, currencies, types of credits (the demand line of credit, the bank credit), additional agreements, lessees, leasing contracts.

According to briefcases calculations of percent on credit contracts, both for planned, and for actually received and cancelled sums are fulfilled. Calculations consider interest rates, the size of a trenches, etc.

Calculations of average and average metrics on the set of parametres (periods, rates, etc.) are possible as on all contracts forming briefcases, and on the contracts which have been selected by various tags of classification.

The summary reporting on group of the companies includes current reports on the concluded contracts of leasing, the report on structure of a leasing briefcase, the report on changes of a leasing briefcase, the report on loan debts and financing sources, the report on transfer of property into leasing.

There is a possibility to form the reports presenting the data, both from the accounting of leasing contracts, and from the accounting of credits. For example, it is possible to generate the report showing calculated/planned leasing percent and calculated/planned percent under credit contracts, appropriate to these leasing contracts. ISAA&FP is developed, as one of three integrated subsystems of the "Alease".

The first two subsystems: the Automated System of Document circulation (ASD) and the Accounting Information System (AIS) were developed during 2004–2006.