Car-care centre automation

Information system for the car-care centre "Car Service & Repairs"

Information system for the car-care centre Car Service & Repairs

car-care centre automation, warehouse automation, program for car-care centre

IS "Car Service & Repairs" is intended for automation the operative accounting tasks of the enterprise which is engaged in car-care centre. The system configuration covers such processes as:
  • service of cars;
  • retail of spare parts;
  • wholesale of spare parts;
  • warehouse account of spare parts.

IS reflects a cycle of works on service of cars, beginning from the moment of the arrangement with the client on service of the car and finishing with delivery of the car to the client. Whole cycle of works on interaction with the client and on car repairs is concluded in bounds of the Order. Following stages are allocated:
  • Receiveing demand of the client on service. At this stage there is an identification of the client and the car (search in IS database, or input of the new data of the car and-or the client) and opening the Order.
  • Car diagnostics. At this stage the structure of works and spare parts is defined.
  • Sale of services. Presence of spare parts in a warehouse is defined. There is a coordination with the client about structure and terms of execution of works, the prices and discounts on the Order. Spare parts on the Order or are reserved in a warehouse, or the order on missing spare parts is carried out.
  • Repair. This stage is accompanied by an extract of orders on execution of works and receiving spare parts from a warehouse under requirements–waybills. Occurrence of additional works could be (revealed during repair or arrived at the initiative of the client). Within the limits of one Order it is possible to provide the execution of works paid by the client and works paid by the third parties on a guarantee or the insurance.
  • Preparation of the Order to closing. At this stage check of correctness the filling of documents of the Order is carried out. There is a possibility to close a part of works on the Order with carrying over outstanding works to another Order.
  • Delivery of the car to the client. Formation of total documents on the Order (Account waybills, Reports of acceptance–transfer and Invoices) and closing of the Order. Signing the documents by the client. Payment reception.

Retail and wholesale of spare parts also is made out in bounds of the Order. There are the following stages of a cycle of works on interaction with the client at sale of spare parts:
  • Opening the Order.
  • Registration the sale in the presence of all requested spare parts. Formation the demand of the goods on a warehouse. Payment reception. Printing of total documents (the Account waybill and, if need, the Invoice) and closing the Order.
  • Registration of preordering in the absence of spare parts in a warehouse (or by the will of the client).

The account of spare parts (only the quantitative account of spare parts) and accounting – the account on sets are separated in the system. The account of spare parts provides following operations:
  • posting the spare parts on a warehouse under delivery documents. There is a possibility of registration of import delivery with cost calculation on cargo customs declaration;
  • registration the return to the supplier;
  • transfer of spare parts from a warehouse to shops or to a department of retail trade. Transfer is made by a request of a waybill;
  • inventory of a warehouse;
  • formation the orders for delivery of spare parts.

Orders to suppliers on delivery of spare parts are divided into two types:
  • warehouse orders – regular orders to suppliers, for replenishment of not reduced rest of the goods in a warehouse;
  • urgent orders (by client orders) - orders to delivery of the spare parts requested by clients who are absent in a warehouse and which arrival is not supposed under the warehouse order.

IS reporting includes:
  • the condition analysis mutual settlement with clients;
  • viewing of service history of cars;
  • reports on presence and movement of spare parts in a warehouse;
  • the analysis of sales by codes of works;
  • tracing of a condition of orders of spare parts by clients;
  • execution of works by mechanics;

Additional information can be received on demand:
Ph.: +7(812)384-4810., the project head: Ermolenko T.L.