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Founded in 1975, Microsoft is a leading developer of software in the world. Among the products produced by the corporation are: desktop and network operating system, server applications for client-server environments, desktop business application software and office applications for home users, interactive programs, applications for work on the Internet and development tools

Most popular license and licensing program:
  • FPP - «box», i.e. Documentation + Media + License
  • OEM - only for the supply with new computers: media + license + label, which should be a on your computer
  • OLP - «Open license» - i.e. really just a license (without documentation and media)
  • OV - Media + license
  • OVS - Media + license to use the program for 3 years.

What is the difference between the licenses for Microsoft software products

FPP(Full Package Product) - Boxed product versions
Boxed versions of products containing the license agreement, certificate of authenticity, distribution of software products, registration card and documentation in printed form.
OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturer) - preset product versions
OEM version from Microsoft may come with your computer, or, for organizations that assemble computers - separately. Operating systems of Microsoft and Microsoft Office are also available as OEM-versions. OEM version of the product, typically includes a certificate of authenticity (SOA), distribution of product, End User License Agreement (EULA, may be submitted only in electronic form).
OLP (Open License Program) Programs of licensing for the organisations
Buying products under programs of corporate licensing, the customer pays only for licence rights. Media for installation of a product is given to the client free of charge, or can be ordered separately.
The short description of the most popular OLP Microsoft is lower presented:
Microsoft Open License
A simple and convenient way to get the right of use of software products of Microsoft for the small and average companies having 5 and more computers, and for the large companies.
Microsoft Open Value
The uniform program of corporate licensing where customers of small and average business can choose the way of licensing of any products of Microsoft which is the most convenient for them for business.
Microsoft Open Value Subscription
The program of corporate licensing which gives the chance to the organisations having 5 and more computers, most favourably and simply to licence a set of key products of Microsoft for all personal computers.
Get Genuine Solution
It is the full licence for operating system Windows XP Professional for clients who needs to legalize OS for exists personal computers. The clients which get "Get Genuine Solution", have possibility to include into order the Software Assurance – the program of support for the corporate users, including the right of transition to new versions and other side benefits. Earlier the Get Genuine licences were accessible only in the form of OEM-versions. Now Get Genuine Solution is accessible within the limits of program Open License on usual procedure of placing of orders of Open License – from 5 licences.

Company site

Full information on programs of licensing of Microsoft and conditions of use the programs and documents
BSL company has the status
Microsoft: Licensing Partner

Licensing Partner Status granted Russian partner companies supply of corporate licenses for Microsoft software and confirmed their skills in sales of contracts Open Value and Open Value Subscription.

List of companies which confirmed their qualifications

«Business Soft Line» company provides services on supplying the licenses by Microsoft, including OLP, OEM, OV, etc.