Warehouse automation


graphic representation of the information, management of a warehouse, automation of seaport

System of graphic display of the information, or System Grafic Vision (SGV), is a client-server application intended for visualisation the information, stored in the 1C:Enterprise program environment. Could be displayed any objects, showing characteristics stored in a DB.
For an example, if it is necessary to display warehouse work, then it is possible to show the image of cargoes under the nomenclature on the warehouse scheme. It is showing co-ordinates of cargo, quantitative and qualitative characteristics.
In practice SGV is used for an operational administration of Seaport work.
Visualization of the information stored in databases allows decreasing considerably reaction time in an operational administration of the port.
All software is written in Java language. The server application works under control of the Tomcat server of applications.
The Client application works under control of a web browser, for example, MS Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox, etc. Browser opens in the 1C:Enterpise 8.х window that allows to make the convenient user interface, following a principle of "one window", i.e. avoiding switching between the user applications.
The program platform used for work (Tomcat, Java) does not require additional financial expenses for licensing.
System of graphic display of the information, or System Grafic Vision (SGV)

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