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Products & Services

«Business Soft Line» logoThe «Business Soft Line» company specializes on construction of Information Systems for the vertical markets, such as:
  • Leasing activity
  • Transfer of cargoes in seaports
  • Publishing
  • Car-care centre
  • Legal activity
We also deliver the typical and exclusive solutions developed on IBM, 1C, Java platforms.
The combination of technological platforms allows to deliver solutions by a principle of adequacy of applied tools to solvable problems.
The settled, design technology which is fixed in the corporate standard allows planning precise budget and time-frame for implementation of solvable problems.
Direct partner relations with leading manufacturers in the field of an information technology allow delivering license pure solutions with the least expenses for the Customer.
Our Customers receive solutions from experts of the highest qualification confirmed with certificates of manufacturers.
It's possible various forms of co-operation with Customers, from single software developworks and deliveries of licenses to the user's service and outsourcing.

If you wish to receive an additional information, you could write to the address
or call +7 (812) 578 54 27 or fill the feedback form. Also you can reach us on the subway station "Chkalovskaya" after you should walk for 5 minutes.
Address: Russia, 194044, Saint-Petersburg, Chkalovskiy - 15, building 1, Business Soft Line Ltd.