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Buying a product - is the acquisition of rights to its use.
Typically, software licenses come in the form of «Box», it means that supply contains software documentation, software disk and proper form with the text of the license. Another type of license - «open licenses». Such licenses are designed primarily for organizations and often do not have the physical media. These licenses are available through electronic channels of communication, and for confirmation vouchers are needed, confirming this legally purchased software.
Besides proper licenses exist subscriptions. In general, subscription - is right for technical support and software updates, within a specified time period (usually 12 months). Pricing varies widely, depending on the manufacturer and is 10% - 70% of the cost of the license.

«Boxes» can be purchased at retail chains, «open» license is available for distribution channels.

«Business Soft Line», with partnerships with major manufacturers and distributors is supplying software licenses at the corporate market.
By your request our specialists will recommend the best options for the purchase of licenses and, as soon as possible, conduct the transaction.

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