OutsourcingDelegation of the functions to external experts is named as outsourcing.

As we talk about operation of business, we will speak about execution of all or parts of functions on operation of business by external experts.

If firm would like to take advantage of outsourcer services, it is necessary that one of the following conditions would be fulfilled at least:
  • For execution of operations there are no experts;
  • Experts do not possess sufficient experience and qualification;
  • The experts elementarily do not have time since there are more foreground tasks;
  • Operation of the experts will cost more expensive, than operation of external expert;
  • In the market there is a company, capable to make this operation with required quality, for an acceptable time limit and money.

«Business Soft Line Ltd.» could supply the services of outsourcing on construction and support of Information Systems.

Demand for outsourcing grows in IT at advanced rates and it is quite explainable. Previous years, with arrival on the market of the powerful western companies the payment of experts – the basic component of cost of creation and support of Information Systems has sharply increased. And if at the monthly salary of $300 – $500 many companies could hold state of 6-8 programmers in group of support of IS, at present $900 - $1500 are already burdensome expenses. Cost of one expert of the outsource-company for the Customer is $3000 - $6000 in a month depending on qualification and carried out functions. Thus the cost of services reduce taxable base under profit taxes and the VAT. To the outsoucer, it is necessary to pay only for really done operation and it is not necessary to provide with its workstation, including area for this workstation, powerful PCs, licence software for development etc.

Usage of outsourcing allows firms to concentrate on the main business and to reduce the operational expenditures.

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