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About Company

«Business Soft Line» logoThe «Business Soft Line» company specializes on construction of Information Systems for the vertical markets, such as:
  • Leasing activity
  • Transfer of cargoes in seaports
  • Publishing
  • Car-care centre
  • Legal activity
We also deliver the typical and exclusive solutions developed on IBM, 1C, Java platforms.
The combination of technological platforms allows to deliver solutions by a principle of adequacy of applied tools to solvable problems.
The settled, design technology which is fixed in the corporate standard allows planning precise budget and time-frame for implementation of solvable problems.
Direct partner relations with leading manufacturers in the field of an information technology allow delivering license pure solutions with the least expenses for the Customer.
Our Customers receive solutions from experts of the highest qualification confirmed with certificates of manufacturers.
It's possible various forms of co-operation with Customers, from single software developworks and deliveries of licenses to the user's service and outsourcing.
The company has begun its activity in 2000. The basic directions at that time were developing of information systems on the 1C:Enterprise 7.7 platform, designing and a lining of LANs, assemblage and delivery of computer techniques.

For first two years of work information systems for Justice Central administrative board across SPb and Lr, the Publishing House "CHANCE", the Regional distributor of "Mitsubishi" cars "Rolf-Neva" (later IS has been adapted for "Carline Ltd.", "Bakster Ltd.", "Eshmi-Car Ltd.") and many other state and commercial enterprises have been created.

In 2004 the company has refused assemblage of computers and has concentrated on delivery the solutions uniting the user applications, created on various program platforms.

Since 2002 the company is the official partner of «1C», since 2004 – the partner of «Microsoft» and «Intel», since 2005 – the partner of «IBM», «Trend Micro». In 2006 the company has received the status «Microsoft licence partner». This status allows the company to deliver to the clients the licences under special corporate programs, on credit and on a subscription.

In 2005 the company has received the status «Franchisee 1C» under solutions on the 1C:Enterprise 8.0 platform. Experts of the company have confirmed qualification, having received certificates from 1С, including on such components, as "Financial planning" and «the Administrative account».

In October of 2004 the company has concluded the contract with JSC «Nomos Leasing "Northwest" (former – JSC «Baltic Leasing ») on creation of IS, automating leasing activity of business processes. IBM Lotus Domino/Notes has been chosen as an implementer program platform. Realisation has appeared successful and has consistently been transferred on versions of Domino platform 6.0.1, 6.5.4, 7.0, 7.0.1, 7.0.2, 8.0.1. In 2007-2008 in different degree of readiness there are components of System of the Administrative account and the Financial planning, executed in 1C:Enterprise 8.0 environment. Completely this system will be finished to the end of 2009 year.
The solutions put in a basis of the IS architecture could provide growth of business of the Customer with хх workplaces in five branches in 2004, to хххх workplaces in 2008 in 28 cities of Russia, without a redesign, and without productivity loss.
In 2005 the contract with the Vyborg seaport on creation of IS, automating stevedore activity, and in 2006 – on similar IS for Vysotsky seaport have been concluded. IS is executed with use of the heterogeneous program environment. The storehouse of the data is constructed with on Microsoft SQL 2000. Business of the logician is constructed on 1C:Enterprise 8.0, for an operational administration of port work is used the client-server appendix executed in Java technologies. IS is integrated with Computer Centre of the Russian Railway.

In plans of the company is developing of IS on set of the advanced program platforms 1C:Enterprise 8.х, IBM Web Sphere, Java, and others.

Now in the company highly skilled engineers, students and teachers of the St.-Petersburg universities are working.

Derbin Alexander Sergeevich, former teacher of SPbSPTU. He supervises company developments on program platforms of the IBM company.

Ermolenko Tatyana Leonidovna. She has three certificates of 1C:Enterprise 7.7, seven certificates of 1C:Enterprise 8.0. She's main task to supervise over company developments on program platforms of the 1C company.

Kovshov Alexander Mihajlovich, PHD. The teacher of St.Petersburg State University. He supervises over company developments on the Java program platform.

The combination of the modern technologies, the stored experience and high qualification of employees of the company allow offering and fulfilling unique program solutions.

Among clients of the company now there are such known companies, as:
  • Legal corporation "Lawyer Fremm"
  • Central administrative board of the Ministry of Natural resources on Preservation of the environment of Leningrad region
  • «Nomos Leasing the Northwest»
  • «Regional company "Nomos-leasing""
  • «Port Vysotsky»
  • Spinning-Filar Factory of name of S.M.Kirov
  • The Publishing House "Chance"
Totally for an operating time the company has fulfilled more than hundred projects on creation and implantation of IS.

If you wish to receive an additional information, you could write to the address
or call +7 (812) 578 54 27 or fill the feedback form. Also you can reach us on the subway station "Chkalovskaya" after you should walk for 5 minutes.
Address: Russia, 194044, Saint-Petersburg, Chkalovskiy - 15, building 1, Business Soft Line Ltd.