Short description of the "ASD"

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ASD (the Automated System of Document circulation) gives the companies all advantages peculiar to the Lotus Domino/Notes program platform. It develops these advantages to the level on which the IS becomes the tool providing the companies not only competitive advantages of today, but also an unlimited potential of development.

By the IBM definition the Lotus Domino/Notes platform is the means intended for gathering, the organisation and distribution of the information and knowledge.

It's allocated the following groups of the organizations which use the Lotus Domino/Notes technology:
  • The first group is made of the organisations, to which the modern, reliable and scaled infrastructure of e-mail, message transfer and communications is necessary. For similar tasks, Lotus Domino is a post server, and Lotus Notes – the e-mail client with expanded possibilities.
  • The second group is made from the organisations which use Domino and Notes as a platform and an infrastructure for business applications, automation of business procedures, document circulation etc. Here Lotus Domino is a server of applications, and Lotus Notes is a client for an execution of business appliactions, work with the information and documents, including offline mode.
  • The third group of users chooses Lotus Domino/Notes as unique technology for creation of Web infrastructure. Lotus Domino is a Web-server with the expanded possibilities on dynamic updating, an information categorization, text-through search etc.
  • And, at last, the fourth group of the organisations chooses Lotus Domino/Notes as the integrating software, or "the software of an intermediate layer", capable to integrate the information and the data practically from any sources of the information – relational DBMS, management systems of resources of the enterprises (ERP), such as SAP R/3, Internet environment etc.
Finally, the majority of Lotus Domino/Notes users realize the possibility of the solution of all spectrum of listed above problems on the basis of a uniform technological platform and create the information infrastructure, allowing to tell: "Effective work of our organisation would be impossible without Lotus Domino/Notes"*

ASD provides to a management of the Customer receiving of the timely and authentic financial information on a condition and execution of regulations of each leasing transaction, a condition of leasing, credit and other contracts, on a current condition of a leasing portfolio, profitability of the company as a whole. ASD provides to the employees of the company the tool for:
  • conducting of leasing transactions,
  • control the execution of conducting regulations of the transaction (presence of documents, observance of terms, etc.)
  • the observance control of dates of performance of obligations under contracts,
  • automatic receiving of the information on approach of external events (for example: receipt of payments),
  • conducting credit contracts and other sources of financing,
  • information accumulation about not taken place transactions.
ASD is effectively used in such important questions of activity of the company, as the coordination of the leasing transaction, decision-making on financing and on a source of financing the transaction.
In the ASD are fixed, and then are used as regulations of life cycle of transactions the schedules of leasing payments. On the basis of operating Schedules of leasing payments under executed contracts of leasing the ASD generate the summary schedule on all current leasing payments. Within the limits of system it is necessary to supervise approach of a considerable quantity of events - terms of receipt of payments under leasing contracts, terms of payments under credits or delivery contracts, conclusion terms of the Client on the contract of insurance, term of granting of documents, terms of formation of reports and many other events. It's considerate the external events and events which occur in the company. At approach of term of such event the ASD fixes in system the approach of such event and sends (optional) to the interested persons the message by e-mail the notifications.
ASD is supplied by the application of the “Help Desk” class which solves two very important problems:
  • is used for technical support of end users,
  • allows to accumulate and reuse the professional knowledge of employees.
Sections that will be added: Replication in the ASD Connection of the ASD with the AIS and ISAA&FP

*Here is brought the abstract of a fragment of an article of A.V.Danilin written in the late nineties (A.V.Danilin, at that time - manager of Lotus on business development in Russia.)