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Short description of the "Alease"

AleaseAt a choice of a way of construction of Information System (IS) between two extreme cases – "a box" product and custom development, the companies should make a choice on which the further existence of business depends. The companies in which management is not debugged to the level of separate functions and procedures yet, even financially successful, sometimes not in a condition to set the task for construction of IS and "custom-made" development of IS can lead them to the sad consequences. On the other hand the companies with good management difficultly endure introduction of typical solutions which are not considering their individuality. IS for the leasing activity, accessible now in the market, it, unfortunately only IS for the accounting, at the best - financial, and in the worst – accounting of results of leasing operations. And meanwhile, leasing activity is so specific that the set of events of life cycle of the transaction, the control over their execution, and that part of a program platform which it is accepted to name software for the collective work should become the object of the application of main forces, for an information technology. «Alease» is an example of successful attempt «to go on thin ice» having used the reasonable compromise between the custom-made and typical solution. Work of the enterprise, for automation, is convenient to examine applying method of the structural analysis, i.e. allocating that, or another structure of the enterprise and exposing its decomposition. First of all, it is necessary to look at functional structure of the company. From this point of view, in primary activity of the leasing company it is possible to allocate the following components:
  • Basic economic activities of the leasing company – carrying out of leasing transactions.
  • Methodical and legal support of the basic economic activities of the leasing company.
  • Accounting support and the tax accounting of the basic economic activities of the leasing company.
  • The Management account, Financial planning and the Analysis of processes and results of the basic economic activities of the leasing company.
At definition of tools for the solution of problems of the leasing company the following arguments are taken into account:
  • The basic economic activities of the enterprise (carrying out of leasing transactions) should be under construction on uniform, for all branches and transactions, effective technology which is necessary to fix in IS. Carrying out of leasing transactions is accompanied by the big and well regulated document circulation. For such problems as service of events, document circulation,control of relations with clients the target tool is software product called Lotus Domino/Notes which was initially created as means of collective work. Now Lotus Domino/Notes is one of the best software in this class of problems. In a ratio of Cost & Functionality it has no analogues.
  • The most popular solution for management operative calculations and creation of templates of documents the software package MS Office is. Now all office workers have skills of work in this package.
  • Almost all functionality which is related to the accounting and tax account can be provided by means of the 1C:Enterprise program. The program 1C:Enterprise is the recognised leader of accounting programs (more than 70 % from total installations of accounting programs in Russia). The knowledge of 1C:Enterprise, is now the practical standard for accountant.
  • Lotus Domino/Notes has the powerful tool for designing of statistical reports, but it is not intended for financial reports. Therefore creation of financial reports in Lotus Domino/Notes is unduly labour-consuming and the execution of these reports would borrow too much time. At the same time, among the decisions offered by the 1С company on the 1C:Enterprise 8 platform exists such which will allow to create the specialised tool of the management accounting including financial planning and the analysis.
On fig. 2 the architecture of the «Alease» from the point of view of organizational structure is presented. Each branch of the enterprise is included into a uniform information field. Thus all branches have a uniform set of program tools. All enterprises use the uniform handbooks updated in an automatic mode (replication operation). Advantages of such organisation are obvious.
  • All branches of the enterprise work on uniform technology.
  • Low expenses for cumulative service of the enterprise IS.