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Advertising accounting IS

On November, 29th 2001
The «Business Soft Line» company has executed the project of automation of the advertising accounting for the "Chance" Publishing House.
The "Chance" publishing house was founded in September, 1991. Its editions - newspapers "Advertising-chance", "Five corners", and also an Internet portal for consumers Chance.ru.
The "Advertising-chance" newspaper is published by circulation of 60 thousand copies a week, includes to 136 pages of advertising and personals, 24 strips of analytical materials, the information on the goods, the prices, tendencies and novelties of the consumer market. According to the researches, each number of the "Advertising-chance" newspaper is read by about 200 thousand persons. In addition to the main edition, there are three appendices - "House", "Car", "Program of entertainments and hobbies".
The Automated System of the Advertising Accounting «ASAA» covers the whole life cycle of advertising from reception of the order till the release of printing editions, and calculations with clients. ASAA is intended for use in department of reception of advertising, group of economists, accounts department.

The system is constructed by a principle of "workplaces" of the several different types different from each other by functionality and access rights to objects of the ASAA:
  • system administrator
  • main manager of department of reception of advertising
  • manager on work with clients
  • economist
  • chief accountant
The input data for the ASAA are:
the account-order form on the publication of modular advertising, the price-list on the publication of modular advertising and payment documents of receipt of money resources for the publication of modular advertising (payment commissions, FFP, checks from cash register)

ASAA allows to store and process the information on orders in following contexts:
  • number of the order (unique)
  • date of reception of the order
  • size of the module on the accepted modular grid of the newspaper
  • number of a heading where the module is published
  • numbers of releases in which the module is published
  • features of the publication of the module (special place)
  • name and the address of the advertiser for legal bodies, nameplate data and a residence permit for physical persons
  • identifier of the advertiser – an INN (for legal bodies should be published) and number of the passport for physical persons
  • Name of the advertising agent (it is filled if advertising goes through the advertising agent)
  • identifier of the advertising agent – organic number of the advertising agent
  • Name of the advertising manager (is filled, if advertising goes through the advertising agent)
  • the identifier of the manager – organic number of the manager
  • the price of the publication of one advertising module
  • margins
  • discounts
  • cost of the publication of the advertising module taking into account all margins and discounts (pays off system automatically)
The output data of the system is:
  • so-called «the sending table»
  • acts of delivery-acceptance of the executed works on the publication of modular advertising and the invoice
  • acceptance acts for the accounting period for each agent separately and for managers of groups
  • statistical and analytical reports (on newspaper number, on the advertising agent, on a newspaper heading, on margins/discounts, on the customer, on payment etc., i.e. on any parametre of the account which is in a database
  • book of sales
  • turnover sheets on accounting with buyers and customers
  • turnover sheets on accounting with debtors-creditors
On the basis of the stored data the system forms and gives out tasks for imposition of concrete sections of the newspaper.
The «Business Soft Line» company has suggested to develop an original configuration for realisation of ASAA on the 1C:Enterprise 7.7 platform. As DBMS is used MS SQL 8.0.
Company site: http://www.chance.ru
Additional information can be received on demand:
Ph.: +7(812)384-4810.
www.cnst.ru, the project head: Ermolenko T.L.