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Car-care centre automation

The «Business Soft Line» company has finished the project of automation of the accounting of operative activity on car repairs and sale of spare parts for «Carline Ltd.». In a program basis is put similar developwork of the «Business Soft Line» for "Rolf-Neva Ltd.", finished in the summer of 2002.

Official dealer of Ford in St.-Petersburg "Rolf-Carline" has been founded in November, 2000.
Company Rolf-Carline is included into a group of companies Rolf and is one of the largest dealers of Ford in the Northwest of Russia. The part of sales of company Rolf across Russia is more than 10%.

After several unsuccessful attempts of automation of primary activity by the third companies, the "Rolf-Neva Ltd." management has addressed to experts of the company «Business Soft Line». Feature of work was the 1C:Enterprise 7.7 platform optimisation to work with great amount of the help information. So, the handbook of spare parts totaled more than 700 000 positions.
In the program following stages of works and relations with the client are fixed:
  • Receiving of the demand of the client on service.
  • Diagnostics of the car.
  • Sale of services
  • Reservation or the order of spare parts.
  • Repair.
  • Delivery of the car to the client.
  • Receiving payment.
Reporting of the program includes:
  • the condition analysis of mutual with clients;
  • viewing of service history of cars;
  • reports on presence and movement of spare parts in a warehouse;
  • the analysis of sales on codes of works;
  • tracing of a condition of orders of spare parts by clients;
  • execution of works by mechanics;
  • reports on realisation of the commission goods.
The program reflects a cycle of works on service of cars, beginning from the moment of the arrangement with the client on service of the car and finishing with delivery of the car to the client. Whole cycle of works on car repairs is concluded in frameworks of the Order. In the same document all interaction with the client is reflected.
Company site:http://www.rolf-carline-mitsubishi.ru/

Additional information can be received on demand:
Ph.: +7(812)384-4810.
www.cnst.ru, the project head: Ermolenko T.L.

Spinning-Filar Factory of name of S.M.Kirov

02.07.2003 For the Spinning-Filar Factory of name of S.M.Kirov the Information System (IS) "Materials" is created and introduced. The purpose of IS creation - automation of the account and the control of movement of materials and raw materials in the course of primary activity. IS allows to receive operative and trustworthy information about stocks and an expenditure of raw materials and materials, to increase management efficiency of purchasing activity, a rational expenditure of monetary and material resources.
Integration with "Sale" IS(1C:Enterprise, 2002) has made transparent movement of raw materials and materials on shops and supply warehouses, allows to plan manufacture depending on sale potential, to give to the Industrial complex management the timely information necessary for acceptance of effective administrative decisions. Program platform of "Materials" IS - 1C:Enterprise 7.7.
The profile of activity of the Spinning-Filar Factory of name of S.M.Kirov: manufacturing of threads, a yarn, clothes, special clothes, knitted products.
Consumers of production which is released by industrial complex, the industrial and commercial enterprises, government orders are.
The network of representations across Russia works, there is own booth.
Company site:http://www.pnk.ru

Additional information can be received on demand:
Ph.: +7(812)384-4810.
www.cnst.ru, the project head: Bogunova Inna