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The «Business Soft Line» company has executed the project of automation of the accounting of operative activity on car repairs and sale of spare parts for "Bakster Ltd.".
The program reflects a cycle of works on service of cars, beginning from the moment of the arrangement with the client on service of the car and finishing with the delivery of the car to the client. Whole cycle of works on car repairs is concluded in limits of the Order. In the same document all interaction with the client is reflected.

The Bakster firm has been created on July, 23rd, 1993 and successfully develops in the market of car-care centre of St.-Petersburg. The company carries out repair and service of cars of the Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda and is engaged in sale of spare parts.

The firm contains an autocomplex: servicing deport, autoshop and a motor show.
The servicing deport occupies a total area of more than 1000 m2, with floor space near 200 m2. The area of service zone is more than 750 m2.

Company site:

Additional information can be received on demand:
Ph.: +7(812)384-4810.
www.cnst.ru, the project head: Ermolenko T.L.

IS for the legal company

Automation of the legal company

05.09.2003. The «Business Soft Line» company has executed the project of automation of legal activity for the Legal company "Fremm". 15 workplaces are automated.
The legal firm "Lawyer FREMM" is founded in 1993.
"Lawyer FREMM" prosecutes subjects of mainly civil, commercial and corporate right, and also the investment legislation. The firm is one of few organisations providing services in full support and the coordination in all necessary instances of civil-engineering designs and reconstruction of objects of the real estate in St.-Petersburg.
The program CRM:The Lawyer is intended for automation of internal business document circulation of the legal company. The program allows to reduce the amount of the paper documents addressing in the company, having replaced them with electronic documents. As program platform for program creation of the product is Lotus/Notes Domino of the IBM company.
The program CRM:The Lawyer includes following modules:
  • the accounting of clients;
  • the accounting of orders for an execution of works;
  • the personnel accounting of the enterprise;
  • the financial accounting of the enterprise.

In the program "the journal of execution of the order" is conducted, which represents the list of events of the order with necessary comments.
"CRM:The Lawyer" provides to a management a complete control of transactions which are conducted by employees on structure of documents, sequence and timeliness of procedures.
Company site http://www.fremm.ru

Additional information can be received on demand:
Ph.: +7(812)384-4810.
www.cnst.ru the project head: Derbin A.S.